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Workshop 1: Elementary price indices

Organised by W. Erwin Diewert

The workshop will study the relative advantages and disadvantages of the= three main index number formulae that are used to aggregate prices at the = lowest level of aggregation when quantity or expenditure information is not= available: the Carli, Jevons and Dutot formulae. An econometric method, th= e Time Product Dummy method will also be discussed. There will be some disc= ussion of reconciling these formulae with the overall target index, which o= f course uses information on expenditure weights. Finally, methods of aggre= gating prices at the elementary level that use price information for more t= han two periods will be described.

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Consumer Price Statistics in the UK, by W. Erwin Diewert=

The CIA (Conistency in Aggregation) method = approach, by Jens Mehroff

Background pa= pers:

Diewert Answers to Questions Di= sc Paper 13-04.doc