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HLG-MOS Terms of Reference

  HLG documentation<= /a>  Strategic vision of the = HLG-MOS




The following are the terms of reference for the HLG-MOS from 1 January = 2017, as agreed by the Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians

(The document can also be downloaded in Word format here)




1.       In recent years, many national an= d international statistical organizations have initiated developments to re= structure the statistical production process. The =E2=80=9CData Deluge=E2= =80=9D and technological advances are providing opportunities to use new ty= pes of sources, enhance existing outputs, and develop new ones. These devel= opments have significant implications for the structure and efficiency of s= tatistical organizations, and a major impact on strategic decisions related= to budget, human resources and corporate strategy.

2.       Several existing international gr= oups are involved in expert-level discussions on specific aspects of the mo= dernisation of official statistics, such as methodology, information techno= logy, software tools, and enterprise architecture, but until recently there= has been no overall coordination of these activities. To achieve strategic= oversight and especially better coordination of developments in different = groups and countries, a forum on the highest level (Director General) was n= eeded. The Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians (CES) establi= shed what is now the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Sta= tistics (HLG-MOS) for this purpose, in 2010.

3.       The HLG-MOS has produced a strateg= ic vision, which was adopted by the CES in June 2011, and a strategy to implement that = vision, which was adopted by the CES in June 2012.

4.       These Terms of Reference reflect = a renewed confirmation of the role and responsibilities of the HLG-MOS, bas= ed on experience gained so far.



5.       The HLG-MOS reports to the Confer= ence of European Statisticians (CES). It therefore derives its legitimacy a= nd mandate from this body. It should prepare strategically-focused annual p= rogress reports, to inform and solicit comments from the CES and its Bureau= .



6.       The mission of the HLG-MOS is to = oversee development of frameworks, and sharing of information, tools and me= thods, which support the modernisation of statistical organisations. The ai= m is to improve the efficiency of statistical production processes, and the= ability to produce outputs that better meet user needs. The HLG-MOS will d= iscuss and collaborate with other bodies involved in related work, both wit= hin and beyond the official statistics community. Within the official stati= stics community, it will take a leadership and coordination role.

7.       The HLG-MOS will oversee and stee= r the work of relevant CES expert groups, and will coordinate, and give lea= dership where needed, to other relevant international expert groups and UN = regional commissions. It is responsible for stimulating development of glob= al standards and overseeing activities undertaken in collaboration.

8.       The objectives of the HLG-MOS are= :

          (a)  &n= bsp; To promote common standards, models, tools and methods to support the = modernisation of official statistics;

          (b)  &n= bsp; To drive new developments in the production, organisation and products= of official statistics, ensuring effective coordination and information sh= aring within official statistics, and with relevant external bodies;

          (c)  &n= bsp; To advise the Bureau of the CES on the direction of strategic developm= ents in the modernisation of official statistics, and ensure that there is = a maximum of convergence and coordination within the statistical =E2=80=9Ci= ndustry=E2=80=9D.



9.       The main activities and outputs o= f the HLG-MOS for the period up to the end of 2019 are:



10.     These Terms of Reference are valid for a per= iod of 3 years (January 2017 to December 2019), after which they will be re= viewed by the CES Bureau:



11.     The HLG-MOS will meet physically at least tw= ice per year, for 1-2 days, usually back-to-back with other events. In-betw= een these meetings, it will work mainly via electronic communication and te= lephone or video conferencing.


VII.   MEMBERSHIP      &= nbsp;  

12.     The HLG-MOS members are the level of heads o= f national statistical organisations and chief statisticians of internation= al organisations. An appropriate geographical balance in the membership of = the HLG-MOS will be ensured.

13.     The members of the HLG-MOS undertake to devo= te the necessary time to adequately discharge their duties.

14.     The members of the HLG-MOS will select from = amongst themselves a Chairperson, with a maximum term of 4 years.

15      The membership of the HLG-MOS as at Jan= uary 2017 is as follows:

16.     Members of the Bureau of the Conference of E= uropean Statisticians may participate in HLG-MOS meetings.

17.     The HLG-MOS may invite additional persons to= participate in some or all of its activities, depending on priorities and = interests, where their contributions would be of benefit to the work of the= group. These persons shall be representatives of other national or interna= tional organisations which demonstrate their commitment to actively contrib= ute to the work of the HLG-MOS, and support the implementation of the strat= egy.

18. The HLG-MOS will be supported by the UNECE Secretariat.  <= /p>





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