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6. Organizational and workplace culture issues (Statistics Canada)<= /h1>


6.1= Overview of roles and responsibilities

Each change activity identified in the proposed Strategy for Statistical= Metadata Management action plan will be assigned a lead division or area t= o take responsibility for the business plan, resources and reporting regula= rly on progress.


Centres of expertise or responsibility for each statistical domain in th= e Agency will also be formally recognized.  These centres would provid= e a stewardship function for statistical metadata within their domain inclu= ding providing advice related to design and standards development and ensur= ing that the authoritative source is comprehensive, up-to-date and accessib= le to the users (people and systems) who need it. 


Roles and responsibilities for all areas of metadata management will bec= ome clearer as the key activities in the action plan are implemented.

6.2 Metadata management team

A steering committee is expected to oversee implementation of the operat= ional phase of the proposed Strategy for Statistical Metadata Management ac= tion plan.  This committee would be comprised of senior managers from = key stakeholder areas and would focus on the activities necessary to build = capacity.   A project lead will be assigned to monitor implementa= tion projects and lead the communication and learning initiatives. =20

Once the first phase of implementation is complete, a permanent governan= ce structure will be established to ensure the use of standard metadata str= uctures, content and exchange protocols; to provide guidance on creation of= metadata at the appropriate stage of the statistical business process and = to identify opportunities to align the Agency=E2=80=99s on-going work with = the adopted enterprise architecture.

6.3 Training and knowledge management

Communication and learning initiatives are essential to realize statisti= cal metadata management across the Agency.  Building capacity among st= aff about the scope of statistical metadata, its role in the statistical bu= siness process and use of reference models like the GSIM and the GSBPM are = key priorities.  Roles and responsibilities and best practices for the= planning, design, creation, use and management of statistical metadata wil= l also be communicated across the Agency.

6.4 Partnerships and cooperation

Statistics Canada continues to support and participate in international = initiatives such as the GSIM and the GSBPM.  The Agency was involved i= n the original GSIM sprints and is currently participating in the Plug &= ; Play sprint and three separate task teams: GSIM-DDI mapping, GSIM-SDMX ma= pping, and GSIM implementation =E2=80=93 all initiatives have senior manage= ment commitment.


The Agency is also represented in the UNECE METIS, UN Expert Group on In= ternational Statistical Classifications, UNECE High-level Group on the Mode= rnization of Statistical Processes and Services, SDMX Statistical Working G= roup, DDI/SDMX Dialogue and the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBR= L) Canada Working Group.


Evaluating DDI and the role of other international format standards in t= he statistical business process has been flagged for further discussions.

6.5 Other issues

A major challenge has been integrating international work with Statistic= Canada=E2=80=99s internal projects. In particular, (1) the GSIM developmen= t with IBSP and ICOS Questionnaire/Survey Instrument (described in Section = III-B), and (2) the GSIM implementation task team (Production grou= p) with current work on IBSP. The IBSP project is beginning to look at = Production metadata and it is hoped that involvement in the GSIM Imple= mentation task team can be leveraged to support this stage of development.<= /p>

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