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2. Modelling the Information and Processes of a Statistical Organiz= ation (Statistics Norway)

1. Introduction (Statistics Norway)  Statistics Norway  3. Statistical Metadata in each= phase of the Statistical Business Process (Statistics Norway)

2.1 Statistical information model

Our current information models are fragmented and mostly in Norwegian. H= owever, we are in the process of adopting GSIM.

2.2 Adoption of GSIM

Statistics Norway has participated in the development of GSIM v1.0 from = the initial idea within the Statistical Network through sprint 1 in Sloveni= a, sprint 2 in south Korea and the integration workshop in Statistics Nethe= rlands including reviews of v0.4 and v0.8. We participated in the GSIM= Implementers Group and the MetaData Task Force looking at the flow of GSIM= v1.0 information objects throughout the GSBPM v4.0. We contributed our exp= erience with the Neuchâtel terminology for classifications to the GSIM = Statistical Classification Model in GSIM v1.1.We will continue t= o work with GSIM and DDI in connection with the RAIRD (Remote Access Infrastructure for Da= ta to researchers) project together with the Norwegian data archive. We&nbs= p;intend to adopt v1.1 with  extensions and give constructive fee= dback intended to strengthen GSIM in its fit for purpose role.

2.3 Statistical bus= iness process model

Our statistical business process model is based on the work done by= Statistics New Zealand, by Statistics Sweden and by METIS.

The phases we are currently using are as follows: 1. Specify Needs, 2. D= esign, 3. Build, 4. Collect, 5. Process, 6. Analyse and 7. Disseminate. We = also have two overarching phases 8 Quality management - evaluate and feedba= ck and 9 Support and infrastructure.

Comparison with the Generic Statistical Process Model v5.0 from December= 2013 by the UNECE secretariat: The quality management part of the overarch= ing phase Quality management/Metadata management is covered by our pha= se 8 Quality management - evaluate and feedback, while the Metadata managem= ent part is covered in our model by sub-processes and by our mast= er metadata systems in the overarching phase 9 Support and infrastructure.<= /p>

For more information on Statistics Norway's Business Process Model = see glish/subjects/00/90/doc_200817_en/doc_200817_en.pdf

We have a clickable version of our business process model in Norwegian o= n our intranet. For each subprocess we have documented the subprocesses tha= t can precede, those that can come after, the guidelines to be used, the ac= tivities to be considered, the supporting roles and applications and any fe= edback loops.

We encourage documentation, archiving and hours worked in statistical pr= oduction to be recorded according to the phases 1 - 9 of our business proce= ss model.  

2.4 Relation to other models<= /h3>

We intend to use GSIM in conjunction with the GSBPM internationally and = with our own business process model nationally. We are currently exploring = the use of GSIM in combination with DDI and in combination with SDMX.





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