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1. Introduction (Statistics Norway)

  Statistics Norway  2. Modelling the Information an= d Processes of a Statistical Organization (Statistics Norway)

1.1 Meta= data strategy

Statistics Norway has in the course of time developed many different met= adata systems. This led to the same information being stored several times = in several places making the availability of updated and consistent informa= tion difficult. In later years, there has been a strong focus on the need t= o link existing systems and a requirement that new metadata systems should = not be built in isolation. To facilitate this, Statistics Norway developed = a metadata strategy, which was approved early in 2005. The strategy focuses= on establishing a conceptual framework, clear roles and responsibilities, = and a stepwise development involving integration and linkage of systems.

For more information on our metadata strategy see: 200508_en/doc_200508_en.pdf

Almost all of the goals in our metadata strategy from 2005 are now accom= plished, so in 2015 we are working on a new information management plan.&nb= sp;

1.2 Curr= ent situation

The objective of Statistics Norway's current work on metadata is to deve= lop an integrated metadata system that will contribute to effective statist= ics production and dissemination, in addition to improved quality of statis= tics. Different metadata systems are being linked together making the metad= ata more easily accessible for all users. Metadata should be updated only i= n one place.

Metadata projects completed after 2005 include:

  1. Documentation of key metadata concepts
  2. Metadata portal on the Internet and the intranet
  3. Variables documentation system
  4. About the statistics as a content management system instead of just a t= ext document
  5. Analysis of the end-to-end creation and re-use of metadata in one produ= ction cycle for one statistic.
  6. A service library for master metadata systems
  7. Improved access to micro-data for researchers (About the data collectio= n)
  8. Administrative system for projects, products and processes

Current/planned metadata projects include:

  1. Creation of a master system for codelists and an upgrade to our master = system for classifications




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