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Annex B_ Template for Case Study

A= nnex B Template for Case Study


This template was created to guide the content = and format of case studies on the implementation of the Generic Statistical= Information Model (GSIM) in statistical organizations. It is intended to a= ssist organizations in sharing their experiences, and to encourage the upda= te of information as projects develop. From a reader's perspective, a consi= stent approach to presenting case studies can facilitate better understandi= ng and comparability between organizations.

Instructions for completion:<= /strong>
The template is divided into three sections. Each section co= mprises a table with headings in the left hand column (in bold). On the rig= ht is a description of the suggested content, which should be replaced with= the appropriate text.
The template is flexible. If a particular head= ing is not relevant, it can be modified to something more appropriate, or d= eleted. If there appears to be no place for certain information, new headin= gs/sections should be added.
Questions and feedback= should be directed to the UNECE secretariat: email,


Organization Name


Number of staff

The total number of staff in your organizatio= n. It would be good to distinguish between central/regional offices where a= pplicable.

Organization structure

A diagram showing high-level structure of the= organization.

Contact person (for Information Manag= ement)

NameJob title / Division (as shown in Organiz= ation structure)EmailPhone

Information Management strategy

Explanation of the overall strategy for devel= oping and maintaining statistical information across the organization. For = example, the mandate/program providing framework for information management= projects, and basic information management principles used.

Current situation

Outline the current information management pr= oject(s) being planned or implemented. This can be a short overview. The de= tail about the project will be provided in the following sections.


2.1 Statistical information model

Provide a diagram or explanation of the stati= stical information model used in your organization. Explain how/when it was= developed.
If you don't have an integr= ated model of all information managed in your organization, you probably ha= ve partial models to manage independently statistical metadata, statistical= methods, architectural principles, policy provisions and similar things. I= n this case, you can provide separate descriptions for these partial models= .

2.2 Information management system(s)<= /strong>

Describe the information management system, o= r systems that are used in your organization. Explain how they fit within o= ther organizational systems and clarify which point they are at (i.e. scopi= ng, planning, implementation, etc).
Exp= lain how the system(s) are interrelated. Descriptions of planned changes an= d additions would also be helpful.
This= section is intended as an overview of the system.

2.3 Costs and Benefits

Describe the costs and benefits of the inform= ation management project(s). Costs should preferably be given in terms of h= uman resources rather than money.

2.4 Implementation strategy<= /p>

Explain if the information management project= (s) is/are being implemented with a step-wise or 'big-bang' approach. Provi= de a timeline of project milestones if possible.


3.1 Adoption strategy

Have you adopted GSIM? If yes, do you intend = to implement it as is, with possible extensions, or to map your own model(s= ) onto it?

3.2 Relation to other models=

Do you intend to use GSIM in conjunction with= GSBPM, or with your own statistical business process model?
Do you intend to use GSIM in conjunction with an inte= rnational implementation standard (for example, DDI and/or SDMX) or your ow= n implementation standard?