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Delhi Group on Informal Sector Statistics

2. Economic Statis= tics (Delhi Group on Informal Sector Statistics)
=20 2.2 Economic accounts (Delhi Group on Informal Sector Statist= ics)
Informal Sector


The Delhi Group on Informal Sector Statistics was set up in 1997 as an i= nternational forum to exchange experience in the measurement of the informa= l sector (and, since 2003, of informal employment), document the data-colle= ction practices, including definitions and survey methodologies and recomme= nd measures for improving the quality and comparability of informal sector = statistics. It will continue to work on the recommendations of its previous= meetings. The ILO, in cooperation with members of the Delhi Group, is prep= aring a Manual on Surveys of Informal Employment and Informal Sector. Since= its inception, the Delhi Group has met 12 times. The Manual is envisaged t= o be published by the ILO during 2012.


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