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Name of Group:

Working Group on Quality in Statistics


Contact person / organisation:

Eurostat Unit B1: Quality; Classifications

Reports to:

European Statistical System Committee

Subsidiary groups:

Expert Group on Quality

Objectives of work:

Support for the implementation of the European Code of Practice in order to enhance the quality of the statistics produced in the European Statistical System

Frequency of meetings:

1 meeting per year

Links to websites / meeting documents:
(for registered users only)

Recent outputs:

Papers and conclusions from the meeting in June 2010 concerning the implementation of the Code of Practice, the work of the Sponsorship on Quality, the ESS Glossary of quality-related terms and developments concerning metadata.

Adoption of outputs:

The Code of Practice applies to governance and statistical authorities in the European Union

Main current issues / areas of work:

Support for quality frameworks in line with the European Statistics Code of Practice, disseminating information on quality and quality reporting, monitoring quality

Expected future outputs:

Continued developments under the main work areas

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