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Name of Group:

Statistical Data Editing

Contact person / organisation:

Steven Vale, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Reports to:

Conference of European Statisticians

Subsidiary groups:


Objectives of work:

The objective of this group is to promote best practices and methodological advances in statistical data editing by sharing experiences and facilitating knowledge transfer.

Frequency of meetings:

Formal work sessions every 18 months

Links to websites / meeting documents:

Information about work sessions:\\K-Base

- the Statistical data editing knowledge base:

Recent outputs:

1) K-Base - the Statistical data editing knowledge base:\\2

) Handbook on Statistical Data Editing (3 volumes)

Adoption of outputs:

K-Base and the volumes on statistical data editing are widely consulted as reference materials by the statistical methodology community.

Main current issues / areas of work:

1) Editing of administrative and Census data
2) Editing of electronic collections
3) Macro editing methods
4) Micro editing - methods and software
5) Changing organizational cultures
6) International collaboration7) New and emerging methods

Expected future outputs:

1) Updates and additions to K-Base2) Work Session in Oslo in autumn 2012

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