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Name of Group:

Sponsorship on Quality


Contact person / organisation:

Eurostat Unit B1: Quality; Classifications

Reports to:

European Statistical System Committee

Subsidiary groups:

Joint ESS-ESCB Task Force on quality frameworks

Objectives of work:

• to promote a common view and understanding on the ESS quality management shared within the ESS and other important partners,
• to provide recommendations on how to proceed with quality work in ESS,
• to develop recommendations for possible modifications of the Code of Practice in the area of quality.

Frequency of meetings:

Approximately 3 meetings per year

Links to websites / meeting documents:
(for registered users only)

Recent outputs:

Final Report expected in September 2011

Adoption of outputs:

Final Report to be discussed by the European Statistical System Committee in September 2011

Main current issues / areas of work:

Quality frameworks and quality reporting

Expected future outputs:

The work of the Sponsorship on Quality ends in 2011

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