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Name of Group:

SDMX Statistical Working Group


Contact person / organisation:

Chairman still to be determined
(in the meantime SDMX Secretariat:
SDMX initiative

Reports to:

SDMX Secretariat and SDMX Sponsors

Subsidiary groups:

Informal ad-hoc task forces working on particular issues related to the SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines

Objectives of work:

The management and development of the SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines, also by inclusion of business process related information.
Suggestion of best practices for the use of SDMX in the business process integration

Frequency of meetings:

Physical meeting: once per year; ad-hoc meetings in between

Links to websites / meeting documents:

Recent outputs:

The group is only established in 2011; it will work on the SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines 2009

Adoption of outputs:

The SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines are more and more widely adopted by the international statistical community; this is normally done when SDMX is implemented by statistical organizations

Main current issues / areas of work:

The SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines: the main focus is – at this stage - on annex 2 (Cross-domain Code Lists), but also related to SDMX and business processes

Expected future outputs:

The next version of the SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines to be produced in 2011/2012

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