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Name of Group:

SDMX Sponsors/SDMX Secretariat


Contact person / organisation:

SDMX chair: Ms. S. Badiee (World Bank);
SDMX secretary: Mr. A. Götzfried;
SDMX initiative

Reports to:

The SDMX Secretariat reports to the SDMX sponsors who take the decisions

Subsidiary groups:

SDMX Statistical Working Group
SDMX Technical Standards Working Group

Objectives of work:

To maintain and further develop the SDMX technical and statistical standards and guidelines
To oversee and stimulate the SDMX implementation in statistical organizations

Frequency of meetings:

SDMX sponsors: 1-2 times per year
SDMX Secretariat: max. monthly (depending on the needs)

Links to websites / meeting documents:

Recent outputs:

Main recent output (2009-2011):
The SDMX draft technical standards 2.1 (2011)
The SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines 2009
The SDMX Global Conferences (next one 2011)
See also:

Adoption of outputs:

The SDMX standards and guidelines are increasingly used and implemented in statistical organizations around the world

Main current issues / areas of work:

The SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines and their update

Expected future outputs:

SDMX Content-oriented Guidelines
SDMX technical standards
SDMX used in the harmonized statistical business processes
Numerous other deliverables (e.g. SDMX IT tools)

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