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Name of Group:

SDMX Expert Group (formerly OECD SDMX Experts Group)


Contact person / organisation:

Trevor Fletcher

Reports to:

SDMX Sponsor Group

Subsidiary groups:


Objectives of work:

Several international meetings are regularly organised to compare recent ICT developments and share experiences in the field of statistical data and metadata collection, management and dissemination. On the other hand, the implementation of new models and approaches is left to individual countries, according to their needs and plans. Therefore, nowadays there is no international forum available for discussing and agreeing on common strategies and concrete actions to minimise the duplication of work carried out by countries and international organisations, promoting a “multilateral vision” of the exchange of statistical data and metadata between countries and international organisations. The Group is being set up to form a network of involved ICT experts who will discuss strategic issues related to the development and the practical implementation of new procedures for statistical data exchange and sharing between the OECD, its Member countries, and other international organisations. Ultimately, this will contribute to a more efficient international statistical system. The Group will be closely co-ordinated with other international bodies dealing with similar topics (Eurostat IT Steering Group and the joint ECE/Eurostat/OECD meetings on Management of Statistical Information Systems, MSIS). The Group will report to the OECD High Level Group on Statistics, providing recommendations for developing statistical information systems and improving the efficiency and the effectiveness of statistical data and metadata exchange.

Frequency of meetings:

Every 2 years

Links to websites / meeting documents:,3343,en_2649_34257_43852082_1_1_1_1,00.html

Recent outputs:

Report to SDMX Sponsors Group

Adoption of outputs:

Conclusions forwarded to SDMX Sponsors group and secretariat for adoption

Main current issues / areas of work:

Group will not meet again until 2012

Expected future outputs:

Follow up report to 2012 meeting

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