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Name of Group:

Sharing Advisory Board (SAB)


Contact person / organisation:

SAB members are listed at:
The SAB can also be contacted at, and via Steven Vale ( at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Reports to:

Conference of European Statisticians (and coordinates with MSIS and ITDG)

Subsidiary groups:


Objectives of work:

The objectives of the SAB are:
(a) To advise on opportunities to promote harmonization of business and information systems architectures as a means of enhancing the interoperability and the potential to share components within those architectures;
(b) To provide governance models for the development and enhancement of statistical software in an environment of collaboration between statistical organisations;
(c) To provide guidelines and tools to assess new statistical software tools and components, and report to MSIS Work Sessions on the availability of these tools and components for sharing, as well as suitable governance mechanisms for ensuring the future development of recommended tools and components;
(d) To ensure that tools and components recommended for sharing are made available to all statistical organisations via a suitable portal, and with sufficient documentation and support mechanisms;
(e) To assist in the improvement of the technical statistical infrastructure of countries both within and outside the UNECE region as required.

Frequency of meetings:

Short telephone conferences every 1-2 months.
Occasional face-to-face meetings back-to-back with meetings of other groups.

Links to websites / meeting documents:

SAB pages on the MSIS wiki:
The SAB also works through a private wiki, where outputs are drafted before they are published on the MSIS wiki.

Recent outputs:

1) Inventory of software available for sharing: (compiled in collaboration with the CORA ESSNet project)
2) Project brokerage - to bring together people with similar ideas in different organisations:
3) Software sharing newsletters, produced twice per year and disseminated to statistical IT managers:

Adoption of outputs:

As the SAB is a relatively new group, it is still quite early to see the full impact of these outputs, but the software inventory is getting hits and positive feedback from around the world, as well as proposals for additions.

Main current issues / areas of work:

The 2010/11 work plan is available at:

Expected future outputs:

Standards, guidelines and information resources to facilitate shared software development, for example:
• Recommendations on developing multi-lingual applications
• Recommendations on cooperation models for software development
• Recommendations on collaboration agreements
• Newsletters twice per year

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