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Name of Group:

OECD's Statistical Information System Collaboration Community (SIS-CC)


Contact person / organisation:

Jonathan Challener
Data Dissemination Processes and Systems Project Manager
Digital Knowledge and Information
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
2 rue André Pascal, 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France



Reports to:


Subsidiary groups:


Objectives of work:

The SIS-CC vision is to provide an international collaboration framework for a more open, innovative and industrialised data dissemination, to collectively develop software, leverage innovations, mutualise costs, and promote standardisation.

To achieve this, the Community has three strategic objectives:

Collectively produce and develop software, by leveraging on the .Stat platform and related components, and in so doing build a robust, component-based and scalable architecture,

Share experiences, knowledge and best practices through multilateral collaboration and building of a collective capacity, concerning the Community,

Contribute to International Collaboration, by accelerating the implementation of standards and contributing to the international ‘Plug and Play’ architecture vision.

Frequency of meetings:

Workshop: Annual (March/April)
Strategic Level Group: bi-annual
Management Level Group: Quarterly Reviews
Architecture Task Force: Monthly virtual meetings

Links to websites / meeting documents:

Community site:

Workshop site:

Previous workshop reports:

Recent outputs:

Adoption of outputs:

Vision and goals presented to CSTAT & HLG

Main current issues / areas of work:

5-year Strategic directions:

Expected future outputs:

CSPA compliance

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