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Name of Group:

(Proposed) OECD Expert Group for International Collaboration on Microdata Access


Contact person / organisation:

Dr Siu-Ming Tam.
Kim Farley-Larmour.
Australian Bureau of Statistics

Reports to:

OECD Committee on Statistics.
Note that as of January 2011 this Group is seeking endorsement as an OECD Expert Group

Subsidiary groups:


Objectives of work:

To facilitate National Statistical Organisations working together on practical steps to advance cross-border access to and analysis of microdata, taking into account the needs of researchers and policy makers, while complying with legislative requirements for confidentiality.

Frequency of meetings:


Links to websites / meeting documents:

International working group on microdata access interim web page:!OpenDocument

Recent outputs:

No official outputs to date. Meetings held May 2009, June 2010

Adoption of outputs:

Not applicable

Main current issues / areas of work:

The primary focus of the Group’s work is on promoting and progressing international microdata access, both within the OECD network, i.e. between OECD and its member countries, as well as more broadly with non-member countries and other organisations. The Group will promote cooperation between international organisations involved in microdata access. The Group will, in particular, review the current situation and work towards developing and implementing new solutions regarding:
• Conceptual issues, such as principles of risk assessment
• Standards and procedures for accessing microdata, both nationally and internationally
• Technical solutions to facilitate international microdata access
• Administrative requirements for accessing microdata, including metadata

Expected future outputs:

The Group will:
• write a high level Directions paper outlining directions for achieving international microdata access .
• test the suitability of approaches for accessing microdata on specific types of datasets (for example, the Labour Force Survey or Business Register Data).
• prepare recommendations for future actions to be undertaken by member and non-member countries
• submit an annual report to CSTAT reviewing its recent activities and a concrete work programme and objectives for the following year.

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