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Name of Group:

METIS (Steering Group on Statistical Metadata)


Contact person / organisation:

Steven Vale,
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Reports to:

Conference of European Statisticians

Subsidiary groups:

Informal Task Force on Further Developing the Generic Statistical Business Process Model

Objectives of work:

The objectives of the Steering Group are to:
• Promote the implementation of metadata systems by developing advocacy targeting the senior management level and subject-matter staff of national statistical offices;
• Oversee the maintenance of the Common Metadata Framework (CMF) directing it towards a practical guide serving national statistical offices in developing their corporate metadata systems;
• Facilitate collection, discussion and dissemination of best practices in the field of statistical metadata focusing on the role of metadata in the corporate management of statistical activities and practical implementations.

Frequency of meetings:

Formal Work Sessions every 2-3 years, informal workshops most other years

Links to websites / meeting documents:

Information about METIS meetings:

Recent outputs:

1) Common Metadata Framework:
Part A (Statistical Metadata in a Corporate Context) was published in paper format in English and Russian in 2009.
Parts B (Metadata Concepts, Standards, Models and Registries) and D (Case Studies) are published on-line only, as they are considered living documents.
Part C (Metadata and the Statistical Business Process) is currently under development.
All parts are available on-line at:

2) The Generic Statistical Business Process Model, (version 4.0, April 2009):

3) The METIS Wiki – a public on-line resource for people working with statistical metadata:

Adoption of outputs:

1) The Common Metadata Framework is widely used to help national and international statistical organisations to develop and implement statistical metadata systems. To date, 17 organisations have provided metadata case studies (in Part D).
2) The GSBPM has been adopted by over 30 organisations world-wide as a standard for describing statistical production processes. It is increasingly being applied as a framework for technical cooperation between organisations, and as a tool for organisational management.
3) The METIS Wiki is widely consulted from around the world. By the end of 2010 it was receiving over 6,000 hits per month, and over 50 users had editing rights.

Main current issues / areas of work:

1) Relationships between metadata standards, particularly SDMX, DDI and the GSBPM.
2) Development of material on the practical implementation of the GSBPM.
3) New case studies, and updates to existing ones.
4) Metadata and the semantic web.

Expected future outputs:

1) The Common Metadata Framework will be enhanced and updated as necessary.
2) The GSBPM will be reviewed in 2-3 years, and updated / enhanced as necessary.
3) METIS Workshop on implementing the GSBPM and integrating metadata standards (October 2011).
4) METIS Work Session (spring 2013).

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