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Country/Organization name

Istat (Italy)

Contact person for this case study

Giulio Barcaroli




Type of Big Data used

Mobile phone: call/text times and positions 

Project description

Given an administrative territorial basin (e.g., a set of municipalities), the aim is to build an Origin/Destination Matrix, each cell of which contains estimates of flows related to Residents, Embedded Users, Daily Users, Visitors. Estimates are produced on the basis of a combined use of administrative and Big Data.


National or international scope of data source

International, but only one country's data are used

Public/private source

Private sector

Data access framework


This is an eperiment, and data are furnished by a private provider to University of Pisa on the basis of research protocol. Istat has signed another research protocol with University of Pisa in order to cooperate in processing mobile phone data.

Payment for data


Data access

The raw data are accessed and processed outside the statistical organization's computing environment (e.g. within the supplier's systems, or in "the cloud"

Domain and use

Population and migration

Degree of progress in use of the Big Data source


Tools and methods for processing

A particular unsupervisioned machine learning method is to used, i.e. Self-Organising Maps (SOM)

Privacy and confidentiality issues

Mobile phone data are furnished by the private provider to University of Pisa in a completely anonymised form.

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