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Name of Group:

International Marketing and Output Data Conference


Contact person / organisation:

Petteri Baer,
Marketing Manager at Statistics Finland, Chair of the IMAODBC Steering Committee

Reports to:

Not applicable – this is an independent group

Subsidiary groups:


Objectives of work:

The Conference draws together experts of marketing and output databases from national statistical offices and some international agencies with abundant statistical services. The IMAODBC is a forum for presentations and discussions on systematic marketing of and access to statistical data. Sessions address mutual challenges and opportunities with a focus on need structures of statistical data users and information made available on the Internet.

Frequency of meetings:

Annual, usually at the end of August or in September

Links to websites / meeting documents:

Web sites are created for each annual Conference by the respective hosting agency. The structures of the web sites follow earlier models. The use of the web site is password protected, available to participants and former participants of the IMAODBC Conferences, because the papers are not official papers from the institutions but rather personal experiences and ideas.

Recent outputs:

All presentations of the actual and earlier IMAODBC Conferences are available on the IMAODBC web site. On the actual web site there is a link to previous IMAODBC Conferences.

Adoption of outputs:

No specific adoption procedures. Presentations reflect ongoing and developing activities in the presenter´s own organization but are not necessarily an official or officially adopted materials. The essence of presentations is often to present work in progress for professional comments and sharing of experience of work in progress. If the number of proposed presentations is so big that all presentations do not fit into the Conference Program, the Steering Committee decides, which presentations will just be electronically distributed but not physically presented at the Conference.

Main current issues / areas of work:

The IMAODBC provides a non-formal environment for professionally high-level discussions and information sharing on dissemination issues, in particular the relationship between technical solutions and marketing and dissemination strategies.

Expected future outputs:

IMAODBC takes up themes and issues, which often are still at an embryo state of development in only a few most advanced statistical agencies. Thereby the IMAODBC can, by sharing ideas and good practices can provide good services, shorten the development time when implementing corresponding ideas elsewhere.

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