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Country/Organization name


Contact person for this case study




Type of Big Data used

Mobile phone: call/text times and positions 

Project description

Mobile positioning data are provided by Mobile Network Operators to NSIs. These data are used for generating tourism statistics.


National or international scope of data source

International, and several countries' data are used

Public/private source

Private sector

Data access framework


Experimental access.

Payment for data

Data access

Raw (micro)data are transferred to the statistical organization for processing

Domain and use


Degree of progress in use of the Big Data source


Tools and methods for processing

Privacy and confidentiality issues

For cell phone users: clear privacy concerns.
For MNOs: (info) the maintenance of business secrets; (ii) direct costs (in terms of human and financial resources) of providing data (iii) effect of the data extraction workload on the real-time systems; (iv) the opportunity cost of giving away their data “for free” (possibly by means of binding legislation) to NSIs.

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