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Name of Group:

CORE (COmmon Reference Architecture) ESSnet


Contact person / organisation:

Carlo Vaccari, Istat (
Monica Scannapieco, Istat (

Reports to:


Subsidiary groups:

Work-packages partners and leaders

Objectives of work:

Objectives of CORE are to:

  • starting from CORA results, extend the architectural model by defining a complete information model that takes into account process modeling
  • define a way of exchanging data between tools designed inside GSBPM sub-processes
  • develop components wrapping tools in order to provide a software environment for the execution of statistical processes, defined according to the information model
  • evaluate feasibility and costs necessary to integrate tools inside CORE
  • analyze possible middleware solutions to implement CORE compliant workflows

Frequency of meetings:

Six meetings in 13 months (from 1Q2011 to 1Q2012)

Links to websites / meeting documents:

Recent outputs:

See deliverables in

Adoption of outputs:

not yet available (final meeting in 2012 January)

Main current issues / areas of work:

Revision of CORA architecture in a complete Information Model

Expected future outputs:

Information Model for CORA architecture
Standard and software components for the integration of statistical software tools inside CORE
Cost analysis for the integration of tools inside CORE
Suggestions and prototypes for workflow middleware solutions

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