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Name of Group:

CORA (COmmon Reference Architecture) ESSnet


Contact person / organisation:

Carlo Vaccari, Istat (
Monica Scannapieco, Istat (

Reports to:


Subsidiary groups:

Work-packages partners

Objectives of work:

Objective of CORA was to:

  • Collect requirements for a Common Architecture (by means of a survey among NSIs)
  • Define a technical architecture based on a layered approach linking the standard GSBPM with statistical data characteristics
  • Examine commercial and legal Foundations for the Exchange of Software between Statistical
  • Analyze technical and commercial requirements for tools that will be used by the CORA users

Frequency of meetings:

Five meetings in 13 months

Links to websites / meeting documents:

Recent outputs:

All ESSnet deliverables (12 pdf documents) are published under Creative Commons license in the website

Adoption of outputs:

Software tools collected by CORA is now managed by Sharing Advisory Board “Software Inventory” (see
CORA outputs are input for subsequent CORE ESSnet, in which a Common Environment will be implemented

Main current issues / areas of work:

See CORE ESSnet (CORA lasted from 3Q2009 to 4Q2010)

Expected future outputs:


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