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Country/Organization name

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Contact person for this case study

Jennifer Marley



+61 2 6252 5760


Type of Big Data used

 Satellite images 

Project description

Extract land use features to estimate crop yields and land cover usage. Input spatially generated features into statistical model.


National or international scope of data source


Public/private source

Public sector

Data access framework

Memorandum of Understanding required to obtain image data at required granularity.

Payment for data


Data access

The raw data are accessed and processed outside the statistical organization's computing environment (e.g. within the supplier's systems, or in "the cloud"

Joint research with university collaborator ro develop image analysis algorthims to extract spatial land use features sets.

Domain and use

Agriculture, forestry, fisheries

Degree of progress in use of the Big Data source


Tools and methods for processing

Machine learning algorthms used for feature extraction and classification with stochastic quality measures for certainty. Possible use of spatial and time series models. Java-based implementation. Geo-coded and land use coded feature set data used as input to statistical estimation process.

Privacy and confidentiality issues

Strict adherence to ABS legislation and Australian Privacy Legislation.

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