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The UNECE, in partnership with Eurostat and the OECD, organizes annual meetings on the management of statistical information systems (MSIS). Our aim is to:

  • provide a forum for exchange of experiences
  • collect, discuss and make available examples of good practice
  • facilitate implementation of relevant standards and recommendations across the UNECE region

Resources to support the sharing of technical solutions between statistical organizations are currently being developed.

MSIS meetings consider issues related to information technology governance and management, system architecture, accessibility and usability. These meetings are prepared by the MSIS Organizing Committee, which:

  • ensures continuity over time, and follow-up of actions between meetings
  • includes representatives of national and international statistical organizations
  • reports to the Conference of European Statisticians  

MSIS Organising Committee Terms of Reference

Links to MSIS meetings (including papers and presentations)

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