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Corporate metadata repository
A database system that stores metadata records for an organization or group of organizations.

Data that define and describe other data. Statistical metadata are defined as data about statistical data, and comprise data and other documentation that describe objects in a formalised way. (Source - SDMX Metadata Common Vocabulary, January 2009 version).

MetaNet was created as a network of excellence to harmonise and synthesise statistical metadata developments. It started in November 2000 and finished at the end of July 2003. See their website at:

A set of technical standards and content-oriented guidelines, together with an information technology architecture and tools, to be used for the efficient exchange and sharing of statistical data and metadata. (Source - SDMX Metadata Common Vocabulary, January 2009 version). In February 2008, the United Nations Statistical Commission recognized SDMX as the preferred standard for the exchange and sharing of data and metadata, and encouraged further implementations by national and international statistical organizations. See the SDMX website at:

Statistical metadata system (SMS)
A data processing system that uses, stores and produces statistical metadata. (Source SDMX Metadata Common Vocabulary, January 2009 version).

Statistical information system
The processes and resources used to produce statistical information.

Statistical meta-information system
System which uses and produces statistical metadata and which fulfils its tasks by means of functions like "statistical metadata collection", "statistical metadata processing", "statistical metadata storage" and "statistical metadata dissemination". A meta-information system may be active or passive. An active metainformation system is physically integrated with the information system containing the data that the metadata
in the meta-information system inform about. A passive meta-information system contains only references to data, not the data themselves (Source - UNECE / United Nation Statistical Commission, "Guidelines for the Modelling of Statistical Data and Metadata", Conference of European Statisticians Methodological Material, Geneva, 1995).

Senior management
The highest level of management in an organization, responsible for ensuring the organization meets its goals efficiently and effectively: May also be referred to as 'Executive' or 'Top' management.

Statistical organization
A producer of official statistics. (Source - SDMX Metadata Common Vocabulary, January 2009 version).

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Extensible Mark-up Language - a mark-up language primarily used to facilitate the sharing of data across different systems, either within or between organizations.