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1.         The GSIM Specification is the most detailed level of the Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM). It provides a set of standardized, consistently described information objects, which are the inputs and outputs in the design and production of statistics. Each information object has been defined and its attributes and relationships have been specified. For contextual information, an introduction to GSIM and information on using GSIM, please refer to the GSIM Communication and User Guide documents.

2.         This document provides a description of GSIM in the context of a statistical organization. It has a number of annexes which provide further details for the reader. These annexes are:


  • Annex A: Extending the model - This annex provides information for implementers on how to extend the GSIM for organization specific purposes. It also contains the set of recommended attributes for the administration of the GSIM objects.
  • Annex B: Influence of existing models and standards - This annex reviews a number of relevant models and standards. It discusses the relationship to and influence of these models and standards on the GSIM.
  • Annex C: Glossary - The annex gives readers definitions and explanatory descriptions for the GSIM information objects.
  • Annex D: UML class diagrams

3.         The GSIM is the result of a collaboration involving statistical organizations across the world in order to develop and maintain a generic model suitable for all organizations and meet the strategic goals (in particular the modernization effort) of the official statistics community.



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