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This topic is dedicated to comments on the questions in the section of the questionnaire on Population counts.  In the title of your posts, please indicate the number of the question to which they refer, and the subject (i.e. "Population counts (4), Q1, Other population counts")

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  1. Population Counts (1), Question #1
    I have two issues with this question:

    1.  Are the categories "permanently resident population" and "legally resident population" mutually exclusive.  If so, what resource would a respondent use to understand the differences?

    2.  Can this survey question incorporate a link to point users to definitions for these categories?

  2. Population Counts (2), Question #2

    I'm wondering about a few issues related to this question: 

    1. It is unclear in this question to whom the special instructions were given.  When I first read it, I thought it meant instructions on a questionnaire (or other self-administered form, i.e., internet instrument) that modify the definition of "the place of usual residence." 

    2.  Does this question also intend to include or exclude instructions given to interviewers/enumerators (face-to-face interviews)? 

    3.  Does this question include or exclude special data collection efforts, using specially designed forms, designed to count people who might ordinarily be missed in the census (e.g., people living in a hotel because they have no "usual residence")?

  3. Population Counts (1), Question #4
    "For counts based on population registers, please indicate the indicate used in the population registration." should probably (question) be corrected to "For counts based on population registers, please indicate the period used in the population registration."

    Population Counts (1) Question #6
    I am not quite happy with the formulation:
    "Only those persons:
    a) who have lived in their place of usual residence for a continuous period of at least twelve months before Census Day; or
    b) who have arrived in their place of usual residence during the twelve months before Census Day with the intention of staying there for at least one year
    should be considered as usual residents of the relevant geographic or administrative subdivision."
    If a person has lived in the country for example since 2 years, but has changed his/her place of residence 3 months before Census day and intends to change again in 4 months, neither a) nor b) would apply. In reality, we shall count the person at his/her current place of residence on Census day, no matter how long the person has lived in this place.

    1. Hi, Dominique:

      I, too, struggled with this same narrow definition of "usually resident" in this question.  However, when I read the recommendation document I see that the types of people included in this category are far more broad than this initial definition would lead us to believe. 

    2. For Population Counts (1), Q4: It is a mistake which we will correct. Thank you for noticing it.

      For Population Counts (1), Q6: The definition reported in blue is the general definition from the CES Recommendations (CESR §159). As mentioned in CESR §162, there are several population groups for which applying this definition is problematic. The case that you mentioned is one of them. In that case, the place of enumeration should be considered as the place of residence, as you indicated (see also CESR §159.g)