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 This topic is dedicated to comments on the questions in the section of the questionnaire on Migration characteristics.  In the title of your posts, please indicate the number of the question to which they refer, and the subject (i.e. "Migration char. (4), Q1, Year of arrival in the country")

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  1. Migration char (1) Q. 1
    An answer category for registers collecting the date of first registration in the country is missing.
    For ensuring the comparability beween register data and survey data collecting information whether people usually register directly after entry or some time later would by important.

    Migration char (2) Q. 2
    In registers we only have the information on the previous place of registration, we do not know whether this was the previous place of residence. An appropriate answer category should be included.

    Migration char (3) Q. 2
    In the Austrian registers this information is only available since the year 2002. We assume that other register countries also can collect this information only for a limited period of time.
    The include this information an additional answer-category is necessary.
    This limitation also applies to questions (4)1, (4)2, (5)1 and (5)2
    In all these questions only partial answer is possible.
    Additionally persons born inside Austria frequently stay registered in Austria while spending longer periods of time abroad (in some cases this brings advantages for social security...).

    Migration char (6) Q. 2
    In general the information on country of birth is recorded at the date of entry and not changed. In some cases however it is adapted to the current borders and there are efforts to improve the register. So our answer to this question would be mixed. Current borders with some quality problems.

    Finally a general remark: We think in the end adding boxes for comments for every question would facilitate the understanding of the answers collected.

    Bettina Stadler

    1. Thank you Bettina for the very useful comments.
      We will definitely take them into account when we will review these questions.
      I fully agree that boxes for comments are useful for most questions (if not all), so that special situations can be reported. We used them extensively throughout the questionnaire, and we will consider adding them to more questions, when relevant.