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This topic is dedicated to comments on the questions in the sections of the questionnaire on Housing topics.  In the title of your posts, please indicate the number of the question to which they refer, and the subject (i.e. "Housing, Q2, Definition of room")

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  1. Households & families
    Some questions of the topic "Households & Families" may overlap with questions in the topic "Housing". Specifically, I am referring to Q2, Q3 and Q4 of page 3 (there might be others such as tenure status). Although they have different purposes the information received by Q2 and Q3 of housing topic, can be sufficient. This can contribute to limit a bit the number of questions;
    Page 12, Q2, "Rent" need to be specified what kind of information is required: on tenure, or expenditures?
    Housing topic
    Q1. Is part of the methodology should be integrated in the first part (it will reduce also the amount of questions)
    Q2. Definition of:
    -          living quarters and
    -          Collective living quarters are not clear and give the impression of the neighborhood, a complex of buildings and not a typology. I know this is related with the terminology.
    Q3. In some cases the translation of the concepts and its meaning is the reason for missinterpretation. It means that who is using the concept is convinced that is applying the same CES definition, but in fact they are referring to something else. This you cannot identify and therefore is useful adding another question (see below)
    Did you find difficult to interpret these concepts:
    -          Housing arrangement;
    -          Type of living quarter;
    -          Living quarter;
    -          Collective living quarter;
    -          Useful floor space;
    -          Other
    Q7. It might not be needed to mention, since the density is a derivation of two variables and is not a direct collected data;
    Information on homeownership is very important for housing policies and the survey needs to retrieve more detailed information. It needs also to collect information on informal housing. Some 50 million people in the UNECE region are affected by informal housing and insecure land tenure. For this purpose I recommend the following:
    Definition of "type of homeownership" in the report to include also the following:
     (1.0)          Ownership with a mortgage
    (2.0)          De facto ownership - without legal document (refers to informal housing and need to be further elaborated as terminology and concept);
    (3.0)          In process of legal registration
     Plans for 2020 Census:
    Add a question:
    26) Do you plan to collect information on illegal housing?

    1. Thank you for the useful comments and suggestions. We will discuss them in the review of the questionnaire.