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This topic is dedicated to comments on the questions in the following sections of the questionnaire: Field operations, Outsourcing, Communication and publicity. In the title of your posts, please indicate the page and number of the question to which they refer, and the subject (i.e. "Field operations (2), Q4, Staff recruitment")

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  1. Yesterday at Istat (Italy) we had a questionnaire test session. A question was raised about the Outsourcing section. In Italy we had partial outsourcing for some of the services and activities. Should partial outsourcing of a service be enough to tick it in the questionnaire as outsourced (page 2, question 1 of the Outsourcing section)?
    If this is the case, then I think a note should be added to the question.

    1. Ciao Giuseppe. I would suggest ticking services that were partially outsourced, and mention in the comment box that it was partial outsourcing. We will consider adding an explicit instruction to the question, as you suggested.