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  This topic is dedicated to comments on the questions in the section of the questionnaire on Economic  characteristics.  In the title of your posts, please indicate the number of the question to which they refer, and the subject (i.e. "Economic char. (2), Q2, Definition of employed persons")

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  1. In the part "Economic char." (2) Q3 - for item "3" or "5" (reference period) the comments cannot be inserted without automatic marking item "6" (which does not always have to be  coded).

    Moreover, we also spotted mistake:

    typing mistake in "Economic char." (2) Q8 (instruction) - in the entire question the abbrewiation of classification should be ISCE-93 instead of ICES

    1. For "Economic char." (2) Q3 you are right, thank you for noticing this. We will correct it.

      Ofr Q8, if I am not wrong the abbreviation should be ICSE ( In the question, however, in one case we wrote "ICES", and we will correct it.