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Opening - Work of the HLG and the Modernisation Committee on StandardsPresentation

(i) Governing and maintaining statistical standards

Process oriented approach to statistical production (Turkey)Presentation
Generic Activity Model for Statistical Organizations (Norway & Australia, on behalf of GAMSO revision group)Presentation
Process mapping using the GSBPM as a reference model (Iceland)Presentation
Developing Metadata Standards in an Integration Project at Statistics Canada (Canada)Presentation
Implementation of quality declarations at Statistics Denmark using DDI, SDMX, GSBPM and other standards (Denmark) Presentation
Euro-SDMX Metadata Structure implementation in Statistics Estonia (Estonia)Presentation
Quality Indicators for GSBPM (Canada & Italy, on behalf of quality indicators group)Presentation 

(ii) Increasing the efficiency of statistical business processes through the use of standards

Generic Statistical Information Model - An overview of casee studies 

GSIM implementation in the Istat Metadata System: focus on structural metadata (Italy)


Harmonizing reference metadata in SURS (Slovenia)

Data Management for Censuses and Surveys (Cambodia)Presentation
Statistical Metadata Strategy and GSIM Implementation in Canada (Canada)Presentation

Statistics Sweden’s model for a Central Metadata Repository (Sweden)


GSIM in Practice in Norway (Norway)

Implementing GSIM Statistical Classification Model – the Finnish way (Finland)Presentation

(iii) Standards to describe or exchange data or metadata

ESS reference metadata: implementation of standards and interoperability of national and European metadata systems (Eurostat/Denmark/Italy)Presentation
Challenges with the adoption of evolving standards for data exchange (Eurostat)Presentation
Advances in Designing a Statistical Metadata Standard (United States of America)Presentation
Use of Standards at INSEE (France)Presentation
Presentation on SDMX Technical Standards and Data Exchange Formats:Current Status and Future DirectionsPresentation
Presentation on Data Cube (Invited Expert)Presentation

(iv) The future of standards in statistics

Panel - Introduction to standards for modernisationPresentation
Panel - Common Statistical Production Architecture (CSPA) - What is the Framework?Presentation

Panel - Validation and Transformation Language

   - VTL: a new international standard for enhancing data validation and processing (Eurostat)

Panel - JSON-STATPresentation
Panel - SDMX New Formats JSON-CSVPresentation
Panel - SDMX glossary

Panel - General metadata glossary / Building a taxonomy

  - Terminologies and standards (United States of America)


Panel - Data Documentation Initiative v4

 - Modernising the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI-4) (United States of America and Open Data Foundation)

Panel - CSPA-Logical Information ModelPresentation

Room papers and lunchtime presentation

Room paper - Israel - Modernisation of the Statistical Production in the NSS: The Role of the NSI 
Room paper - Eurostat - ESSnet on standardisation 
Lunchtime presentation on classification management systems (Invited Expert) 

Other documents

Report of the meeting 
Results and photos of voting sheets   
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