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  • Adjust the name of sub-process 9.3 by adding the small word ‘on’.

New options


Options Result Voters
Agree action plan (current wording) 4 Wilhelmus Kloek, Thérèse Lalor, Jenny Linnerud, Steven Vale
Agree on action plan 2 Wilhelmus Kloek, Jenny Linnerud
Prepare action plan 1 Jenny Linnerud
Finalise action plan 2 Wilhelmus Kloek, Jenny Linnerud
Accept action plan 2 Wilhelmus Kloek, Jenny Linnerud
Approve action plan 3 Wilhelmus Kloek, Jenny Linnerud, Steven Vale

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  • 3* (I am not sure, we need to discuss)
  • 2* (Should not make the change, but need to discuss)
  • 1* (Should not make this change)
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  1. ABS comment

    We agree, although we'd prefer this were combined with 9.2 as it's not big enough to warrant its own sub-process.


  2. Either is grammatically acceptable - Oxford Learner's Dictionary offers both as options if we mean "decide" but suggests the existing should be used for "accept". Either way, we should make the diagram and the text heading consistent (currently the diagram says "Agree action plan" while the text says "Agree an action plan"). I personally prefer "Agree action plan" because it has fewer words.


    4 [intransitivetransitive] to decide with somebody else to do something or to have something

     agree on something Can we agree on a date?

     agree something They met at the agreed time.Can we agree a price?They left at ten, as agreed.

     agree to do something We agreed to meet on Thursday.

     agree what, where, etc… We couldn't agree what to do.


    5 [transitive] agree something to officially accept a plan, request, etc. 


     approveNext year's budget has been agreed.


  3. In other subprocesses we have used Prepare or Finalise.

    Would 'Prepare action plan' or 'Finalise action plan' be any better than 'Agree action plan' or 'Agree an action plan'?

  4. I would prefer Approve action plan or Accept action plan, since approve and accept is more official than "agree on something" as per Gareth's comments. Approve implies approval by some committee or working group

  5. I agree, approve and accept all gramatical proposals.

    I wonder where the circle closes. An action plan sound to me similar to the business case in 1.6.

  6. Prepare action plan is for me really a different activity.