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Statistics Sweden
  • Modify the current sub-process 7.2 into ‘Compile and produce dissemination products’ in order to highlight the fact that dissemination products may be put together by using already existing material.

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  • 2* (Should not make the change, but need to discuss)
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  1. I think "produce" covers the activity well. One definition is "make or manufacture from components or raw materials"; this covers both creation based on "new" material and compilation of components.

  2. ABS comment

    We'd prefer to retain 'Produce dissemination products', as use of the word 'Compile' already has different meanings to different organizations, and in the ABS it's associated with the estimation and aggregation processing activities.


  3. Agree with the comment from ABS

  4. 8/10: Based on votes, no change to be made