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I see the frame mentioned in the design phase (2.4), but I wonder where the frame is in the production phase. In the traditional sample survey methodology, the frame is the sampling frame. In a mixed and multi mode environment the frame is the backbone of the data warehouse, defining the statistical units and their relations. My feeling is that it is a separate service (although the frame process has many steps in common with statistics production (e.g. 5.1 to 5.5).

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  1. I gradually become aware of the statistical processes not covered by GSBPM. It concerns developing and maintaining methodology, quality frameworks, classifications and other standards. In a similar way also the population frame is just assumed as an input, but its processes are not described. I think we could be more clear on the scope of GSBPM. As Steve informally formulated yesterday: statitical processes aiming at dissemination of data.

  2. See Issue #40 Title changed to Create frame and select sample

    1. Agree with Jenny, the issue is solved by Issue 40.