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From the StatCan Data Quality Secretariat:

I have used the GSBPM in several different contexts, mostly related to managing quality.  I have found the model to be very useful and easily understood.  That said, there is always room for improvement.  Below is my humble feedback.
•       At step 6.4 we apply disclosure control; however at no point in the model did we ever design the disclosure control methodology.  I suggest including “disclosure control” in the list provided in the description for step 2.5.


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  1. Issue 4 suggests this tezt should be added to 2.1:

    Establishing confidentiality vetting rules for outputs and the procedures for access to microdata are key parts of this sub-process.

    We need to decide which subprocess it should be added to

  2. ABS comment

    We agree disclosure control could be explicitly mentioned in the description for 2.5.  However, if doing so, it would be consistent to also add other processing and analysis strategies explictly (e.g. data linking, data validation, coding, etc.)


  3. Discussion 31/10:

    Add as description to 2.5, it is just one of a number of methodologies already included and it is good to have it explicit.

    ...but disclosure control is applied at the specific statistic / output so you think about it when you are designing the output. For this reason it would be good to also have it noted at 2.1. For future world, you may not know what the outputs will be. Have a reference in 2.1 'considering confidentiality'.

    Title change proposed