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2. Economic statistics (Voorburg Group)
2.3 Business statistics (Voorburg Group)

The objective of the Voorburg Group is to establish an internationally comparable methodology for measuring the constant price outputs of the service industries. The focus of the Group is to develop concepts, methods and best practices in the area of services. The Group has contributed over the years to building up and sharing a considerable and growing body of knowledge on Service Sector statistics. It has promoted international cooperation in the development of standards and assisted in resolving statistical and measurement challenges in the Services Sector.

Ongoing Methodological Work Plan

In the last few years, the Voorburg Group has adopted a more structured approach in terms of its work plan and proceedings, in order to produce more concrete deliverables. In acknowledging the parallel and equally important development of turnover (output measures), prices and classifications, the Group has made an explicit effort to better balance its agenda among these three major areas. This new orientation was initially reflected in the 2006 meeting agenda and has continued through 2011, contributing to the great success of these meetings.

What was accomplished in 2011 and what is planned for 2012?


At the 2011 meeting, the following Industry/Industry Groups were selected for mini-presentations:

1. Technical Testing
2. Insurance/Other Financial Intermediation (Except Life Insurance) 
3. Waste Management/Waste Treatment  
4. Maintenance and Repair of Motor Vehicles

The 2011 meeting also included special sessions on cross-cutting topics, including Distributive Trades, Airline Quality Change and Advertising Quality Change, Manufacturing Services, and Research and Development.


For 2012, the following Industry/Industry Groups were selected for mini-presentations:

1. Industrial Machinery                                             
2. Water treatment and Distribution Services
3. Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Services   (Turnover/Output only)
4. Consumer and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance (Turnover/Output only)   


Sector Papers


At the  2011 meeting, the following sectors were presented and adopted:

1. Banking and Credit
2. Reference rates and Negative Prices
3. Adjusting Quality Change
4. Distributive Trades


At the 2012 meeting, the following 4 sector papers will be presented:

1. Technical Testing
2. Maintenance and Repair of Automobiles
3. Insurance/Other Financial Intermediation (Except Life Insurance)
4. Waste Management/Waste Treatment

The 2012 meeting also will include a new kind of paper, "Updated Sector Papers," covering Sea and Coastal Water Transport, Air Transport, Telecommunications, and Computer Programming.


No revisited sector papers are planned for the 2011 meeting.  However, an ambitious agenda has been proposed.  The meeting will include the new Updated Sector Papers as well as cross-cutting topics, including an issues paper on Airline Quality Change and Advertising Quality Change; and  a session on Operational Efficiency Strategies for Supporting the Collection, Processing, and Dissemination of Service Statistics.

And, in addition to its work on the Mini-presentations and Sector Papers and Cross-Cutting Topics, the Group will continue to obtain and disseminate country report information on the industry/industry groups to be covered next year.

Looking Beyond 2012

Potential Sectors:

Designation of possible Industries and Assignments for Voorburg Group 2013:


Electricity (Generation, Transmission, Distribution, etc.), among possibly others.

Sector papers:

Commercial and Industrial Machinery; Water Treatment and Distribution Services; Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Services; and for Consumer and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance.

Meeting in 2012

• The next annual meeting of the Voorburg group is tentatively scheduled for October 1st to 5th, 2012 in Warsaw, Poland.

New website:

All the papers from the previous meetings of the Voorburg Group, going back to 1987, can be searched through our new website at: This website has been redesigned and expanded to provide additional information.

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