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2.7 Prices (Ottawa Group on Price Indices)
Price Statistics

Ongoing Work:

• Applied research in the area of price indices, especially consumer price indices.
• Papers and proceedings are available on the group's website,

Priority objectives:

Undertake research with a view to providing advice to national statistical offices on:

1. Emerging issues in price indices including developments in weighting and calculation methodology as well as inclusion of new goods/services.
2. Procedures for dealing with quality change.
3. Price measurement for 'difficult-to-measure' such as insurance, health, legal services, financial services, apparel, cars, telecommunications and items subject to rapid technological change.
4. Use of scanner data to improve data quality and reduce price index compilation costs.
5. Housing and residential property price indices.
6. International comparisons including the International Comparison Programme (ICP).


The Ottawa Group last met in May 2011 at Statistics New Zealand in Wellington (12th Meeting). This meeting considered topics on:

• scanner data,
• price measurement for 'difficult to measure' products and services,
• housing and residential property price indices,
• developments in weighting and calculation methodology,
• intra and inter-national comparability and international comparisons, and
• emerging issues in price indices.

The next meeting (13th meeting) will be hosted by Statistics Denmark in 2013 at Copenhagen.

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