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The Database of International Statistical Activities (DISA) lists the activities of over 30 statistical organizations active in the UNECE region. Updated every year, DISA is a coherent catalogue of planned work in international statistics over the coming year.  
2. Economic Statistics (Delhi Group on Informal Sector Statistics)
2. Economic Statistics (Delhi Group on Informal Sector Statistics)
2.2 Economic accounts (Delhi Group on Informal Sector Statistics)
Informal Sector

The Delhi Group on Informal Sector Statistics was set up in 1997 as an international forum to exchange experience in the measurement of the informal sector (and, since 2003, of informal employment), document the data-collection practices, including definitions and survey methodologies and recommend measures for improving the quality and comparability of informal sector statistics. It will continue to work on the recommendations of its previous meetings. The ILO, in cooperation with members of the Delhi Group, is preparing a Manual on Surveys of Informal Employment and Informal Sector. Since its inception, the Delhi Group has met 11 times. The 12th Meeting is planned to be held in 2011.

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