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Release Plan

(Under Review as of September 23, 2014)


Modelling Completed
Production/ Documentation

and TC Review completed

Out for community comment

Start of June 2014

All modelling completed and reviewed at IASSIST Sprint.

Mid September 2014

(Note: Longer period given for first run through this process to give time to sort out bugs)

End September 2014

      End of September 2014

All modelling completed and reviewed via virtual teams over European summer months

    End of November 2014
    Mid December 2014


      End of January 2015


All modelling completed via  Dagstuhl Sprint and virtual teams

    Mid March 2015
    End March 2015
These views will be scoped at Sprints as possible. 

Any modelling work to be done on these views is subject to the relevant user groups providing resourcing.

If resourcing is provided (in the form of money or people), then the work will be prioritised to an earlier release.



Tracking Progress
Project Manager
Content Team
In progress: Scope view
In progress: Capture content (Drupal)
Modelling Team
In Progress: Modelling Integration
In progress: Make modelling changes in Drupal
Documentation Team
In Progress: User Doco
Production Team
Production Team does Production run