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Meeting minutes


What does this team do?

Description: The role of the modelling team is to work with package teams and their leaders in order to instantiate DDI objects described on as UML (in Enterprise Architect), XML, and RDF. The work also includes review of modeling work done by others and creation of the beta packages for review and approval by the DDI Alliance members.


TasksProgress so far

Relating to other standards


Web servicesProposal

Containership and Reference: Rules for defining when an object is contained as a property or referenced and what the reference structure includes


Grouping: Mechanism for grouping metadata for management purposes


Administrative metadata: DDI 3.2 administrative metadata (non-payload)


Name,Label, Description: Registry based information ISO 11179-5

Next meeting

Next meeting to be determined


Action Items:


Action Items

Quick Add
  1. handler

    Larry to review Discovery view

    Priority MEDIUM
    24 Jun, 2014
  2. handler

    Jon to review from documentation perspective

    Priority MEDIUM
    24 Jun, 2014
  3. handler

    Jannik to review Process model

    Priority MEDIUM
    24 Jun, 2014
  4. handler

    Jay to review Conceptual model

    Priority MEDIUM
    24 Jun, 2014
  5. handler

    Oliver to review Agent model

    Priority MEDIUM
    24 Jun, 2014
  6. handler

    Wendy to look at Drupal Conventions page

    Priority MEDIUM
    24 Jun, 2014
Team Members
NameModelling rep on:Contact
Jay GreenfieldAgent,
Arofan GregoryConceptual,
Achim WackerowSimple Data
Jannik JensenSimple
Oliver HoptSimple
Wendy ThomasTC
Jon JohnsonMr Documentation (tongue)





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