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The one error proposal.docx

Technical Framework – Option Common Repository

EA to Drupal import.odt


After some deliberation, we decided to currently go with the one-arrow option (detailed in The one error proposal.docx). For the long term, the Technical Framework – Option Common Repository should be the goal. The EA to Drupal import.odt could be an intermediary step to this.

Important arguments were

  • We should have only one single authority on the model (single source of information)
  • There is a large amount of information that has to go into the XMI to fully incorporate the information from the drupal
  • Some tasks may be easier in EA than in drupal
    • Specialized skripts can be added to drupal to make these tasks more easy
  • We need a working system as fast as possible, one arrow allows that and does not obstruct the way to the better solutions