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  Hello, At the OECD my team maintains many Excel webqueries to collect data from country web sites rather than the country using resources to package the data and send it.  Each Excel webquery represent a separate dataflow (country+subject domain) and we
David Barraclough 01 Oct 0 -
We are methodologists from Statistics New Zealand who have worked on the project to implement an internet mode into business surveys. We have written an abstract for the UNECE data collection seminar in September 2013 (see attachment). We would be gratefu
Emma Mawby 02 May 0 -
Fitting within the broader scope of our Collections Strategy, Statistics New Zealand is trying to put together a "Respondent Experience Strategy". The basic driver behind the work is the maintenance of a willing supply of information (aligning with the "i
Ken Smart 17 Apr 0 -

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