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The scope of a revised Recommendation 14 could, based on the present recommendation, include the following content:
• removal of the requirement for a signature except where essential for the function of the document
• introduction of other methods to authenticate documents
• creation of a legal framework that permits and gives equal status to authentication methods other than signature
• regular review of documentation used for domestic and cross border trade, possibly by a joint public and private sector effort

Contacts & Members

Project Chair Lance Thompson
Lead Editor Josephine Baiamonte Josephine
P1003 Participants
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Project Information

ODP Stage ODP Name  Stage Start Date  Stage End Date Stage Status  Meetings / Minutes Relevant Documents
1 Project Inception   15.08.2012 Call of Participation  
P1003 - ODP 1 - Project Inception
P1003 - Project Inception

Rec14 - v1979
Rec14 Revision Project Proposal
Rec14 Revision Background Paper

2 Requirements Gathering 15.08.2012 24.10.2012 Finalized Vienna 2012-10 minutes
Vienna 2012-10 slides
P1003 - ODP 2 - Requirements Gathering

UN/CEFACT Expert Registration Form
UN/CEFACT Code of Conduct

3 Draft Development 24.10.2012   Call for Contribution Conf-Call 1 minutes 2012-10
Conf-Call 2 minutes 2012-11

Geneva Forum 2013-04 Registration
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Rec14 Drafting Log comments 2012-11
Rec14 Chapter Outline 2012-10
Rec14 Annex-A template 2012-10

4 Public Review      
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Meeting Minutes
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5 Project Exit      
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Meeting Minutes
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6 Publication      
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Meeting Minutes
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7 Maintenance      
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Meeting Minutes
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How Newcomers can participate

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