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NOTE: The UCM team is using the Yahoo Group for all email communication.
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The purpose of the UN/CEFACT Context Methodology (UCM) Project is to develop a context methodology and technical specification for organizing, expressing, assigning, and apllying context through the use of context values for a number of UN/CEFACT standard artefacts, such as Business Data Type, Business Information Entity, Business Message, Business Area, Business Process Models etc. The UCM will also be applicable further than the UN/CEFACT specifications. This project will start from the current context mechanism described in the Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS).

Contacts & Members

Project Chair Scott Hinkelman
Lead Editor Pat Oconnor

Project Status and Pages

Status ODP Page End Date
Finalized UCM - ODP 1 - Project Proposal ~2009
Finalized UCM - ODP 2 - Requirements List ~2009
Finalized UCM - ODP 3 - 1st Working Draft ~2010
In Progress UCM - ODP 4 - Internal Review  
  UCM - ODP 5 - Public Review  
  UCM - ODP 6 - Implementation Verification  
  UCM - ODP 7 - Final Release  
  UCM - ODP 8 - Maintenance   , NOTE: The UCM team is using the Yahoo Group [

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How Newcomers can participate

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