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Meeting Results

The main results of the F2F meeting are as follows:

  • Reception and presentation of SAPs contribution. Discussion on the concepts of the contribution. Contribution available on Confluence.
  • Presentation of MileyWatts original contribution and the additional contribution on the use of narrower/broader context (see ppt-presentation available under attachements on Confluence).
  • Discussions to identify differences and similarities between the contributions. Laid the foundation for a gap-analysis that will be carried out by Gunther and Tony by January 3. Discussions identified a bridge on identified differences on how to handle the broader narrower concepts in the two proposals. Open issues include what parts should be standardized and how to handle other associations than broader narrower.
  • Gone through Tonys analysis on the use of context in the existing CCL-library. There is not identified any challenges with legacy support. The analysis document is also available on Confluence.
  • Established a detailed project plan for the rest of the project. Estimated date for finalization - December 2008. ODP 3 will be finalized in Mexico. Internal review (ODP 4) comments will be reviewed in the Berlin meeting. External review(ODP 5) comments will be reviewed in the September meeting. ODP 6 is targeted to be finalized by November forum.
  • Identified activities and arguments for attracting targeted participants into the work. Also discussed wanted participants in the further process.

Action Items

  • Gunther and Tony prepares a presentation of the GAP-analysis for the Telecom January 3.

Next Meeting

Date Time Topic Location
03.01.2008 16:00 - 17:00 CET Plan further work Interwise

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