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Dec 04
TBG3 - Project List
Cargo Tracing and Tracking
Sep 29, 2013
File CCL_UML_Classes_TBG1_10A updated.zip
Sep 04, 2013
File RSM CrossIndustryCatalogueInformationProcess_v1.00.04.pdf
File TBG1 BRS CrossIndustryCatalogueProcess_v1 004.doc
File TBG1 BRS Cross Industry Catalogue 20090209.doc
TBG16 - Project list
Jun 19, 2013
File v3 CII.zip
File v3 eTendering.zip
File v3 CFEM.zip
File Contribution - CCL3 Validation Statement.doc
Contract Financial Execution Management
File Contribution-1-Readme v3CCL.pdf
Jun 18, 2013
p103 - Scope
Jun 18, 2013
File Specification-BusinessInformationEntity_odp6.xsd
Jun 18, 2013
TBG15 - Project List
Consultation Models for Public and Private Sector Consultation
Cross Industry Invoice Process
File TechnicalCorrigendum......
File TechnicalCorrigendum...v3 CII.zip