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Aug 17
Revised Remittance Advice
File p1028_odp3_doc.rtf
File BRS_CrossIndustryRemittanceAdvice_v2.0....
Jul 10
Revision of Recommendation 4 on National Trade Facilitation...
File Project meeting minutes _publicreview comments_ 3 July...
File 0 Rec4 Comment Log.pdf
Jul 03
Recommendation for ensuring legally significant trusted...
File Rec draft v.0.9 03.07.15.pdf
Jul 02
File ODP4_FLUX_P1000-12_ACDR domain_v2_0_2.pdf
File ODP4_FLUX_P1000-10_MDM domain_v2_0_2.pdf
File ODP4_FLUX_P1000-9_FLAP domain_v0_1_2_draft.pdf
File ODP4_FLUX_P1000-5_Sales domain_v0_2_2.pdf
File ODP4_FLUX_P1000-2_Vessel domain_v2_1_2.pdf
File ODP4_FLUX_P1000-7_Vessel Position domain_v2_0_2.pdf
File ODP4_FLUX_P1000-1_general principles_v2_1_2.pdf
File ODP2_FLUX Vessel domain draft_v0_6_5.doc
File ODP2_FLUX_P1000-2_Vessel domain draft_v2_0_5.doc
File ODP2_FLUX_P1000-12_ACDR domain_v100 - draft.doc
File ODP2_FLUX_P1000-10_MDM domain_v1_0_0.doc
File ODP2_FLUX_P1000-9_FLAP domain_v0_1_0_draft.doc
File ODP2_FLUX_P1000-10_MDR domain_v032.doc
File ODP2_FLUX_P1000-7_Vessel Position domain_v1_0_0 - Draft.doc
File ODP2_FLUX_P1000-7_Vessel Position domain_v090.doc
File ODP2_FLUX_P1000-1_general principles_v1_0_1_draft.doc
File ODP2_FLUX Vessel domain draft_v1_0_0 - draft.doc
Electronic Interchange of fisheries catch data
Supply Chain - Domain Coordinators
p1028 - Requirements Gathering
Revision of Recommendation 14,...
P1000 - Contacts And Members