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Jul 25
Destination Travel Information Process
Re: P1009 - ODP 2 - Requirements Gathering
BRS Document 1.0 : 09.JULY.2014 / Rev .5 / Status: TT&L REVIEW
File DTI_BRSDocument1.0_REVIEW.docx
Jul 24
Public-Private Partnerships in Trade Facilitation
File 210714 PPP Outline detailed v0_2.pdf
Jul 22
File TTP_Conf_call_1_summary_27_06_2014.pdf
Jul 21
Recommendation for ensuring legally significant trusted...
Conference call 1 minutes and Recommendation draft v.0.2 are published.
Jul 21
Recommendation on Consultation Approaches for Public and...
Public Review Log Book
Jul 16
File 140327 PPP-TF Conf Call5 minutes.pdf
File 140219 PPP-TF Conf Call4 minutes.pdf
Jul 07
File 140702 Rec40 Public Review Comment Template.docx
Jul 04
File Rec draft v.0.2 30.06.14.pdf
Jul 03
Trade and Transport Facilitation - Project List
Jul 02
Recommendation on Single Windows Interoperability
Jul 02
File 140702 ConsultMeasuresFinalDraftPublicReview_v1.pdf
File 140606 Rec40 6_2 draft clean.pdf
File 140606 Rec40 6_2 draft.pdf
Jun 20
Regulatory - Project List
Jun 19
File 160614 PPP Outline detailed .pdf
File 080514 PPP Outline detailed .pdf
File 140414 ITPD welcome pamphlet proposed v2.pdf
File 080514 PPP Outline detailed.pdf
File 180614 PPP Outline detailed.pdf
Jun 19
Sectoral - Project List
Jun 19
File Rec draft v.0.1 17.06.14.pdf
Jun 18
File XXXX-CCL Submission April 2014.xls
File Specification-CCL Submission April 2014.xls