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May 21
File UNCEFACT PO Financing Requirements Gathering.pdf
File UNCEFACT Project proposal PO Financing v2.pdf
May 21
25th Forum CEFACT Geneva
May 13
Reutilization of Data from Utility Management Systems
May 09
Recommendation on Single Windows Interoperability
File 150424 Rec36 Internal Review v1_1.pdf
May 07
Destination Travel Information Process
May 05
File Accountability.mmap.pdf
p1018 - Requirement gathering GotoMeeting (1)
Journal Book
Apr 30
Public-Private Partnerships in Trade Facilitation
File 300415 PPPinTF Public Review Comment Template
File 300415 PPPinTF Public Review Comment Template.docx
File 300415 PPPinTF Public Review Comment Template.pdf
File 300415 PPPinTF - Final Draft for Public Review.pdf
Apr 29
Revision of Recommendation 4 on National Trade Facilitation...
File 300415 Rec4 Public Review Comment Template.docx
File Rec4 and Guidelines Revision Public Review Version 1.0.pdf
Apr 29
Recommendation for ensuring legally significant trusted...
File Rec draft v.0.8 29.04.15.pdf
File Rec draft v.0.7 14.04.15.pdf
Apr 23
File Specification Conformance and interoperability of standards...
Apr 23
File Contribution_Questionnaire-CEFACTLibraryOutput-v20141205.pdf
File Presentation_LibraryReview-Input-20141028.pdf
Library Review
p1020 - Contacts And Members
Methodology and Technology - Project List
File Presentation_LibraryReview-Results-20150420.pdf
File Presentation_LibraryReview-Request4Input-20140409.pdf
Apr 22
File BRS-Documentation_EN_Part1.doc