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Aug 20
RSM Committee Draft 12.NOVEMBER. 2014 Rev. x
RSM Working Draft 09.JULY. 2014 Rev. 0
BRS Committee Draft 09.JULY.2014 Rev .5
Aug 19
Methodology and Technology - Project List
Aug 19
Requirements document on conformance and interoperability...
Aug 19
BRS Final Draft 13.AUGUST.2014 Rev .9
File Figure9....
P1009 - ODP 2 - Requirements Gathering
File Figure 8. Business Partners View.gif
File Figure 7. Business Process Use Case.gif
File Figure 5 DTI Business Domain Use case diagram.gif
Destination Travel Information Process
e-Laboratory observation report message
P1009 - Requirements Gathering000
Aug 04
Public-Private Partnerships in Trade Facilitation
File 240714 PPP-TF Conf Call8 minutes.pdf
File 310714 PPP Outline detailed v0_3.pdf
Aug 01
P1009 - Project Inception
Re: P1009 - ODP 2 - Requirements Gathering
BRS Document 1.0 : 09.JULY.2014 / Rev .5 / Status: TT&L REVIEW
File DTI_BRSDocument1.0_REVIEW.docx
Jul 24
File 210714 PPP Outline detailed v0_2.pdf
Jul 22
File TTP_Conf_call_1_summary_27_06_2014.pdf
Jul 21
Recommendation for ensuring legally significant trusted...
Conference call 1 minutes and Recommendation draft v.0.2 are published.
Jul 21
Recommendation on Consultation Approaches for Public and...
Public Review Log Book
Jul 16
File 140327 PPP-TF Conf Call5 minutes.pdf
File 140219 PPP-TF Conf Call4 minutes.pdf
Jul 07
File 140702 Rec40 Public Review Comment Template.docx