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Oct 03
Update of Recommendation 1 on UN Layout Key for Trade Documents
File UN Rec.1-ªRev....
File rec01_UNLK _ guidelines_pub_2002_ecetr270.pdf
File rec01_addendum_2001_ 01cf15.pdf
File rec01_1981_ecetrd137.pdf
File rec01_ Informative Annex_2001_ 01cf16.pdf
File rec01_ Forms to Informative Annex _2001_01cf16add_ods.pdf
Sep 29
Recommendation for ensuring legally significant trusted...
File Rec draft v.0.92 29.09.15.pdf
Sep 28
p1029 - Contacts And Members
Sep 09
File TTP_Conf_call_5_summary_04_09_2015.pdf
Sep 08
Electronic Interchange of fisheries catch data
File ODP3_FLUX_P1000-3_FA_v0_0_4_draft.doc
File ODP3_FLUX_P1000-2_Vessel domain_v3_0_0_draft.doc
File ODP3_FA BRS v0_0_4 examples.docx
File ODP3_FLUX_P1000-9_FLAP domain_v0_2_1 - draft.doc
File ODP3_FLUX_P1000-5_Sales domain_v0_4_0_draft.doc
Sep 08
File Rec draft v.0.91 08.09.15.pdf
Sep 07
International Trade Procedures - Project List
p1029 - Supporters