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Public-Private Partnerships in Trade Facilitation
File 210714 PPP Outline detailed v0_2.pdf
Jul 22
File TTP_Conf_call_1_summary_27_06_2014.pdf
Jul 21
Recommendation for ensuring legally significant trusted...
Conference call 1 minutes and Recommendation draft v.0.2 are published.
Jul 21
Recommendation on Consultation Approaches for Public and...
Public Review Log Book
Jul 16
File 140327 PPP-TF Conf Call5 minutes.pdf
File 140219 PPP-TF Conf Call4 minutes.pdf
Jul 07
File 140702 Rec40 Public Review Comment Template.docx
Jul 04
File Rec draft v.0.2 30.06.14.pdf
Jul 03
Trade and Transport Facilitation - Project List
Jul 02
Recommendation on Single Windows Interoperability
Jul 02
File 140702 ConsultMeasuresFinalDraftPublicReview_v1.pdf
File 140606 Rec40 6_2 draft clean.pdf
File 140606 Rec40 6_2 draft.pdf
Jun 20
Regulatory - Project List
Jun 19
File 160614 PPP Outline detailed .pdf
File 080514 PPP Outline detailed .pdf
File 140414 ITPD welcome pamphlet proposed v2.pdf
File 080514 PPP Outline detailed.pdf