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 Reminder: these files are *Business Process Models* bases on various TBG's Business Requirement Specifications. They do refer to Information exchange of course, but they do not cover Data Modeling at all. What they provide is a link via "Information Envelopes" to data load which may be further described with an CoreComponent approach. (Feasible within the Model but out of scope of TBG14).
 h3. International Supply Chain Reference Model Releases
 The initial versions had been called Buy-Ship-Pay Model, because that was the area where we started from. The latest version and future versions (2010 and later) will be called ISCM (International Supply Chain Reference Model).
 Current release:
 || Version || Date \\ || Comments || Model - EA Version || Additional Released Files ||
 | 2010A | 30.8.2010 \\ | Release 2010A \\ | [^]\\ \\
 ISCM synonym for BSP Buy-Ship-Pay Prozess Model \\ | * Click here to see a [HTML Export||klick to see HTML version of the model] of the model. You do not need EA to view the content. (Non-authoritative)
 * [2010A BuyShipPay Process Model Description|^2010A BSP Model Description(Final).doc] including a list of included Transactions
 * BSP table of Processes: [^BUY-SHIP-PAY Table of Processes Nov2012.xls]
 * BSP table of Parties and Processes: [^BUY-SHIP-PAY_PartiesAndProcesses.doc]
 * [Presentation given at the Dublin UN/CEFACT Forum in March 2007|^ISCM-Dublin_Lunch_and_Learn.ppt|ISCM-Dublin_Lunch_and_Learn.ppt]. It describes the model developed by TBG14 as part of the joint TBG1/TBG14 project and it's role within Trade Facilitation and UN/CEFACT Standardization.
 * Lunch and Learn Slides explaining UNCEFACT internal approach (2008): TBG14_Mexico_Lunch_Learn.ppt |
 h3. ISCM related Documents
 || Version || Date \\ || File || Description ||
 | | 2003 | [^International SupplyChainReference Model2003.doc] | BPAWG Reference Model of the The International Supply Chain \\
 This document presents the International Supply Chain Reference Model as a text document describing the process involved as Use Cases and Activity models. It formed the basis of the later BUY-SHIP-PAY models developed using UMM modeling methodology \\
 Source: C.J.Clark for UN/CEFACT/BPA/BP044 |
 | \\ | 12th November 2003 \\ | [SupplyChainReferenceModel\- Trade Security-BP050.pdf|^SupplyChainReferenceModel- Trade Security-BP050.pdf]\\ | BPAWG Reference Model of the International Supply Chain with special reference to Trade Facilitation and Trade Security \\
 Published as part of the proceedings of the UNECE-CCC joint meeting.\\
 Source: UN/CEFACT/TBG-International Trade Procedures and Business Process Analysis Groups \\ |
  Published as part of the proceedings of the UNECE-CCC joint meeting. \\
 Source: UN/CEFACT/TBG-International Trade Procedures and Business Process Analysis Groups \\ |
 | \\ | December 2005 \\ | [^POM Supply Chain Model Dec05 Final Secure.EAP]\\
 [^POM ExportBusinessProcessesActors.xls] \\
 [^Port Business Processes-POM.xls]\\ | Port of Melbourne Supply Chain Model \\
 Source: Red Wahoo \\ |
| \\ | \\ | \\ | \\ |
 h3. Enterprise Architect Viewer
 To view EAP files you can use the free Software from Sparx Systems:
 _Enterprise Architect Lite_ provides a free viewer for Enterprise Architect models. This read-only edition is intended for distribution with UML models, to staff or to customers. It supports all viewing functions, however document generation and model editing abilities have been disabled.
 | | [EALite.exe|] |
 | | Total size: 38.7 MB Build: 1004 Updated: 12-December-2012 |